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About Us

The Kukka brand sets out to color the play world of the little ones in the safest way with the power of production and the experience gained in the mother & baby sector for years. The Kukka team, which adheres strictly to the trends; It turns healthy and nature-friendly solid wood blocks into extremely safe children’s furniture and healthy wooden toys by superior production technologies and master hands.

Today, the healthiest and safest play environments for little ones are built from wooden materials. Wood also symbolizes closeness to nature and natural life. With the aim of creating wooden worlds for the little ones, the new generation, dynamic and modern Kukka brand is the first choice of parents and is taking firm steps towards becoming the star that decorates the play world of beloved babies & children.

Our Mission

To create the safest and healthiest playgrounds for children without sacrificing sustainability.

Our Vision

Being a world brand that makes a sound with its innovations at the meeting point of technology and natural wood.